Sunday, October 21, 2012

The innocenence of a women

The innocence of a women,
 A sense of perfection,
with hidden secrets in her diary.
A word of love.
written as she imagined
it in mesmorization.
The innocence of a women
The fragrance of a flower,
As she smelled her perfumes
Touched by the essence,
The innocence of a women
Dressed in comfort ready to 
be seen by someone,
As at love at first sight.
The innocence of a women
dreaming and dwelling dancing
away as she dreamt of her love
which she could never have
and not realizing what she had
as emotions of tear droplets fell
from her eyes.
                          Copyright@Vinita Singh Oct. 21, 2012

Persistancy was who I was

Sunday Oct. 21, 2012

 Broken into pieces of emotions.
 Rejected and judged a thousand times.
 Wept like the rivers.
 And yet walked the tides and came alive.
 Persistancy was who I was.
 Striving for perfection.
Doing what I loved with the passion of writing
And dancing,
Lifes struggles made me stronger then ever.
I was not still as I should be.
Persistancy was who I was.
Wanting to take risk with life.
And falling in love with who I was.
Showing many different colors.
And yet never showing my emotions,
As I had become funny
Well liked by others
A personality of colors
Came into  me.
I was not young anymore.
Not that teenager I had wanted to be.
But now doing the acts of an adult
Life had switched roles in a decade.
For I realized that time couldn’t come alive again.