Monday, May 23, 2016

Hiding Emotions

Yes Life has its turns,

With Kids fevers running

With them falling from high

Flat on their face,  scrapes on their face,

Twists on their leg a ligament, with lifes turns

And surprises,  Everything is ok

With running to doctors offices

All through the day. 
Yes my emotions running through

And wondering what will I do one day

Wheres my life I’m only getting older.

What does destiny and faith have for my future

As some say stay in the present,

What about the past, was it wasted, with all my writing and dancing.

Even though I desire to see a play so long and really long to even be in

Acting. Whats the fear now, Only to be judged and rejected.

What about the rejections, so many have I had that I begin to wonder

Another rejection what difference does it make.  Yes

My feeling are numb, I’m not young anymore.  Hiding my emotions

And suppressing it. Still desiring something.  Confused,   at who I really am,

Still wishing what is that true happiness, and yet trying to chase things,  without my confidance

But only the failures have made me stonger with emotion,  to make me who I am.

Now I may feel it doesn’t matter what it is. I’ll not try to chase it anymore. It will come my way.

Whether I want it or not, It will happen .  That someone will see me truly as I am and I’ll make my emotions so High or just the way it should be that everything will flow for me.      

Copyright@Vinita Singh  May 22, 2016

Saturday, October 17, 2015


    It’s not the reality, it’s not the dream. I feel my dreams are more comforting than my reality.
A dream of the moon, and a song is being sung.
A dream of an angel passing by while I ask him will I be successful.
 A dream of faces I’ve never seen, with dresses and jewelry all in my dreams.
What is the reality, day to day mundane, I clean and I clean
And suddenly it’s in my dreams.  Tired am I in my reality that I feel wasted time has come.
In my dreams I get comfort from angels. Faces so clear, faces so vivid.
It’s all an illusion you see. Not the reality you want it to be.
Can we have everything the way we want in our life, Time just comes and then it’s gone
Wasted time how do you say that, reality just keeps going.
In our dreams we’re singing and dancing. We’re laughing and comforted.
But if reality itself is an illusion, then itself reality is just a dream
So a dream in a dream is more beautiful than the reality.
How can I explain my feeling, It’s all an illusion.
A dream in a Dream is what makes our consciousness.
A dreamer who dreams every day, has such vivid dreams, that
Who wants to be in reality.
                     August 12, 2014  Copyright@Vinita Singh

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What is being perfect.

What is this being perfect.
Why are we striving for perfection.
And who is really perfect.
All of us with some imperfections.
What is this judging or criticizing.
Why are we competing and making anxiety.
When everyone is unique and
All of us with some imperfections.
What is this complaining and having jealousy,
And making fun of others creating discomfort
And uneasiness in relationships
When everyone is unique and
All of us with some imperfections
What is this making fun of others
And analyzing them,
When everyone is unique and
All of us with some imperfections.

Copyright@Vinita Singh Sept. 19, 2015

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Love is a feeling

Love is a feeling
Of desire evoked with seduction
A sensuous touch of affection
A moment of two people with
deep attraction
An anticipation without
An expectation
Two souls combining
With meaning who
Have stared at each other with
Words of flirtation
Love is a feeling
Of two souls holding hands
And walking
Together communicating
With eyes and not a word spoken
Love is a feeling of desire of
Two souls caressing one another
And holding each other in comfort
With an energy of two bodies
In strong comfort.
Vinita Singh copyright@ July 19, 2013

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gratitude is what I find

Gratitude is what I find,
With friends  with words of kind soft voices
Of blessings in disguise guiding me like angels
Showing me of right and wrong directions.
Gratitude is what I find, with an editor
Mentoring me with words of sentences to
Paragraphs and more.
Gratitude,  is what I find with a dance teacher
Guiding me as if a five year old starting to walk
And flowing gently from walking to dancing
In circles gently making expressions with eyes and hands
And feet.
Gratitude is what I find in a father who makes her daughter laugh
And jokes with her as if she is still a child at heart.
Gratitude is what I find with a husband taking care of his children
With so much love and giving his wife the greatest shelter and comfort
She needs.
Gratitude is what I find with a mother who is happy to see her grandchildren
And cooks for them with such affection.
Gratitude is what I find with a brother who speaks to his sister
Straight forward and speaks his mind quite calmly and helps her to be strong.
Gratitude is what I find in friends encouraging a women, to be the best
At what ever she is and helping her to have her confidence in her talents.
Gratitude is what I find with friends singing to her with such lovely soft voice,
Or laughing with her making jokes.
Gratitude is what I find with friends letting her write about them in her novel, guiding her when
Needed, listening to her when needed.

Copyright@Vinita Singh Aug. 24, 2014

An Ocean's View

I picture it in my dreams.

The waves and the cool breeze

 Make me feel at ease.

I hear the subtle sound  of the ocean in my mind.

Its no surprise with me dreaming and laying there

by its landslide.

There's an ocean in years I haven't seen,

Its multicolored colors all mixed inside.

Like a Kaleidoscope radiant blue

As eyes of a beauty in her twentie's

Laying by her lover feeling the ocean waves at shore.

There's an ocean in years I haven't seen where I feel

a silence that's deep within. I am in complete balance as I feel the

waves reach my feet beneath

There's an ocean in years I haven't seen.

I imagine it in my dreams.

                                                             copyright@Vinita Singh  July 29, 2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014

See My Tears

See my tears and I am weeping,
Yet it is tears of joy.
When a soul has touched my heart by a hug.
As I danced in yearning emotions,
with the strongest desires to be hugged again.
And yet I feared that I would never see the soul again.
See my tears and I am weeping,
and yet when the soul was near me,
I cared not to meet him nor did I hug him.
Now that he is gone yet I yearn to see him.
Only dwelling how foolish I was in front of him.
See my tears and I am weeping.
Yet my soul has grown stronger with emotions,
with the memory  of me dancing in excitement.
Knowing only that once I danced in front of him.
My emotions only desired for the attention once given by him.
See my tears and I am weeping, yet it is only to wish to see
the soul once again.
Copyright @Vinita Singh June 29, 2013