Monday, May 23, 2016

Hiding Emotions

Yes Life has its turns,

With Kids fevers running

With them falling from high

Flat on their face,  scrapes on their face,

Twists on their leg a ligament, with lifes turns

And surprises,  Everything is ok

With running to doctors offices

All through the day. 
Yes my emotions running through

And wondering what will I do one day

Wheres my life I’m only getting older.

What does destiny and faith have for my future

As some say stay in the present,

What about the past, was it wasted, with all my writing and dancing.

Even though I desire to see a play so long and really long to even be in

Acting. Whats the fear now, Only to be judged and rejected.

What about the rejections, so many have I had that I begin to wonder

Another rejection what difference does it make.  Yes

My feeling are numb, I’m not young anymore.  Hiding my emotions

And suppressing it. Still desiring something.  Confused,   at who I really am,

Still wishing what is that true happiness, and yet trying to chase things,  without my confidance

But only the failures have made me stonger with emotion,  to make me who I am.

Now I may feel it doesn’t matter what it is. I’ll not try to chase it anymore. It will come my way.

Whether I want it or not, It will happen .  That someone will see me truly as I am and I’ll make my emotions so High or just the way it should be that everything will flow for me.      

Copyright@Vinita Singh  May 22, 2016