Saturday, October 17, 2015


    It’s not the reality, it’s not the dream. I feel my dreams are more comforting than my reality.
A dream of the moon, and a song is being sung.
A dream of an angel passing by while I ask him will I be successful.
 A dream of faces I’ve never seen, with dresses and jewelry all in my dreams.
What is the reality, day to day mundane, I clean and I clean
And suddenly it’s in my dreams.  Tired am I in my reality that I feel wasted time has come.
In my dreams I get comfort from angels. Faces so clear, faces so vivid.
It’s all an illusion you see. Not the reality you want it to be.
Can we have everything the way we want in our life, Time just comes and then it’s gone
Wasted time how do you say that, reality just keeps going.
In our dreams we’re singing and dancing. We’re laughing and comforted.
But if reality itself is an illusion, then itself reality is just a dream
So a dream in a dream is more beautiful than the reality.
How can I explain my feeling, It’s all an illusion.
A dream in a Dream is what makes our consciousness.
A dreamer who dreams every day, has such vivid dreams, that
Who wants to be in reality.
                     August 12, 2014  Copyright@Vinita Singh

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  1. Vinita, this poem touches me in so many ways. I like the line; A dream in a Dream is what makes our consciousness.
    Pattimari, VP of PnPAuthors