Saturday, October 4, 2014

Love is a feeling

Love is a feeling
Of desire evoked with seduction
A sensuous touch of affection
A moment of two people with
deep attraction
An anticipation without
An expectation
Two souls combining
With meaning who
Have stared at each other with
Words of flirtation
Love is a feeling
Of two souls holding hands
And walking
Together communicating
With eyes and not a word spoken
Love is a feeling of desire of
Two souls caressing one another
And holding each other in comfort
With an energy of two bodies
In strong comfort.
Vinita Singh copyright@ July 19, 2013


  1. Your use of verbs really enhances your work, Vinita. Thank you for sharing your inspiring poem.

  2. Strong comfort is a wonderful way to end that poem. It kind of encapsulates the entire poem. Strong comfort is one main reason to love another human being. Lovely.