Saturday, May 24, 2014

See My Tears

See my tears and I am weeping,
Yet it is tears of joy.
When a soul has touched my heart by a hug.
As I danced in yearning emotions,
with the strongest desires to be hugged again.
And yet I feared that I would never see the soul again.
See my tears and I am weeping,
and yet when the soul was near me,
I cared not to meet him nor did I hug him.
Now that he is gone yet I yearn to see him.
Only dwelling how foolish I was in front of him.
See my tears and I am weeping.
Yet my soul has grown stronger with emotions,
with the memory  of me dancing in excitement.
Knowing only that once I danced in front of him.
My emotions only desired for the attention once given by him.
See my tears and I am weeping, yet it is only to wish to see
the soul once again.
Copyright @Vinita Singh June 29, 2013

Energy Pulls

Some people come into our lives.
We see their face, we hear their voice.
From a distance we see them working.
We hear as to paige them.
An energy pulls us near them,
and with strength we approach them.
An energy pulls us near them and we say
things about ourselves.
Even though the crossroads pass,
the memories stay forever.
An energy pulls us near them.
The crossroads meet and then they part,
but the moments met were there.
Copyright@Vinita Singh April 6, 2013

The Stillness

I hear the birds.
I see the trees.
I feel the stillness.
I see the roses, the liveliness with the stillness.
The voices of the people.
The birds chirping.
The roses bright and still,
The liveliness with the stillness.
I feel the warmth, the calm cool air
surrounded with noise of cars
so calming and soothing.
The liveliness and stillness, what a sight to feel.
Copyright@Vinita Singh  June 5, 2013